Cell phones are being utilized for far more than just making and receiving phone calls. Cell phones have also become entertainment devices with social media, video games, and networking applications. In addition, the introduction of technologically superior smartphones to the market is driving telecommunications firms to develop newer, more advanced, and spectacular features—a guide to mobile phone repair.

For many in today’s digital world, the iPhone is the smartphone of choice. In Singapore, 70% of the population uses an iPhone.

According to studies, individuals pay an estimated 2 hours every day on their phones. Because our smartphones have become such an integral part of our everyday lives, we are sure to run into technical issues, including software malfunctions or physical flaws such as screen cracks

Free iPhone diagnosis & repair are available right now.

Red White Mobile not only sells new and used phones, as well as the opportunity to trade your old phones, but we also offer a free diagnosis before beginning any mobile phone repair.

  • No cost diagnosis

We provide a free diagnosis to check the state of your smartphone before any mobile phone repair

Singapore iPhone Screen Replacement – Red White Mobile

If you have an iPhone that needs to be reviewed, simply visit Red White Mobile for competent and reliable service.

We understand the value of a customer’s time and do not waste it. We complete all screen repairs in the shortest time feasible and to the highest standards currently accessible in Singapore; screen replacements take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the iPhone model.