In the event that you are an American resident considering how you would have the option to return your Thai spouse to the US, then, at that point, the best arrangement is record for a K-3 visa.

What makes the K-3 Visa not quite the same as the K-1 Visa?

The K-1 Visa and the K-3 Visa have a few particular contrasts aside from being the visas to be gotten for your Thai life partner and companion individually. The K-1 Visa permits you to wed your Thai life partner inside ninety (90) days upon her appearance in the US, yet it would not permit her to travel abroad until she has been conceded the visa. Then again, the K-3 Visa is a numerous reemergence visa for your mate. The K-3 Marriage Visa likewise permits your life partner to function as soon upon the issuance of the Government backed retirement Card after the change of status. Nonetheless, the K-3 Visa application involves a more elaborate interaction than applying for a K-1 Visa and as a rule takes a more drawn out time span of 6-8 months.

K-3 Visa Fundamental Necessities

 For you to have the option to record an application for a K-3 Visa, you ought to have the option to meet the accompanying fundamental prerequisites:

  1. You should be a resident of the US and the recipient should be your life partner;
  2. You probably documented a forthcoming movement request at the USCIS naming your life partner as the recipient;
  3. You union with your life partner should be considered lawfully perceived in the country/ward where you have been hitched.

Outline of the K-3 Visa Application Cycle

The interaction including the K-3 Visa application is very convoluted. You, first of all, should ensure that you meet the monetary necessities and have all Thai authoritative reports deciphered in English. Applications are then recorded to the USCIS Service Center closest your home. This application will be handled by the Public Advantages Place and the Public Visa Community preceding being looked into by the US Government office. When the K-3 Visa Bankervn has been conceded and your Thai spouse shows up in the US, it is ideal to apply for a change of status to guarantee that she turns into a Lawful Extremely durable Occupant inside the following 2 years before the lapse of the K-3 Visa.

Connecting with a Thai Law office

As the K-3 application might involve a great deal of your time and monotonous desk work, it is advisable for you to look for the services of a proficient Thai law office who would not just guide you during the course of your application, however can likewise really organize with your Thai mate as the application for the K-3 Visa is continuous. Connecting with a Thai law office that is very much knowledgeable about taking care of US Visa applications can end up being a decent choice on the off chance that you are chasing after a K-3 Visa application.