Dutch Jamie Mag 25th Issue and The Role of Foodie Mags

The Dutch version of the Jamie mag is celebrating its 25th issue this month. Which is a fantastic accomplishment in a market that is not just over-saturated on the magazine front but a market that is also competing with the behemoth that is the foodie web. One of the reasons why 'Jamie' is succeeding is because it fully embraces the online foodie community. A magazine nowadays is nothing if it doesn't also have a great website and online presence.


In The Jar Basil Mayo

Making mayo with a stick blender might be considered a bit of a cheat. But it does make life a whole lot easier and it also allows you to make your mayo straight in the jar, sparing the dishwasher. Making your own also allows you to have fun with the flavours. A handful of basil and a clove of garlic make this pale green mayo a perfect accompaniment to fish and a lovely addition to a tomato salad/sandwich. Besides a stick blender you will need a clean jar that can accommodate said stick blender. The jar I am using is perhaps even a little bit too large.


Grow Your Own Individual Cress Portions

Cress, or micro greens if you're being fancy, are a great way to spice up a sandwich or salad. From the traditional egg and cress or my new favourite of rocket cress on a cheese sandwich, cress can pack a real punch. On top of that micro greens are terribly easy to grow. Spread them thickly on wet cotton wool, keep moist, and within a couple of days the sprouts are ready to harvest.