Emmer Flour Pancakes With Brie

Ancient grains are everywhere now. There is even a shortage of spelt flour threatening the supply. Emmer, or farro, is another ancient grain that is gaining popularity. And while it is often a bit tricky to make breads with these flours because of their lower gluten content, there are many other ways to use them. Emmer's pleasant nuttiness lends itself particularly well to a savoury and sweet pancake. Though the combination of melting brie, pancake, and sweet treacle is good enough to make with any flour you have available.


  • 500 ml milk
  • 250 gr emmer flour
  • 2 big eggs
  • pinch  of salt
  • piece of brie
  • pouring treacle
  • butter or oil 

Mix the milk, flour, eggs and salt together until there are no lumps left. You can start the pancakes immediately or rest the batter for a while.

Heat up your best non stick pan. Once hot add either butter or oil and add a big soup spoon of batter. The batter should cover the entire pan.

Quickly add some slices of brie. Use a little bit of batter to cover the brie so it will be encapsulated by the pancake.

Once most of the batter is dry you can flip the pancake.

Let it bake for a couple of minutes on the other side, so the bottom is golden brown and the brie is melted.

Finish the pancake of with some pouring treacle. In the Netherlands we call it stroop. It's thinner and lighter than molasses but darker and with a stronger flavour than golden syrup. Though I imagine that perhaps maple syrup would be quite nice with it as well. 


  1. That looks delish! I have never gotten around to finding farro at the store, this reminds me. Can't wait to try it! :)

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