Search Term Questions

As a blogger it is always interesting to see what search terms lead people to your blog. These terms are usually very logical and sometimes bizarre, but my favourites to see are when people actually put a question into the Google bar and end up on my site. Most of the times these questions will be answered in the post, but sometimes they are not. So I thought it would be fun to answer some of these questions which led people to my site.

How does no knead bread work?

No knead bread works by letting the yeast do the kneading for you. A wetter dough means the yeast can move more easily, kneading the bread for you. The extra liquid also means the bread will have big holes in it, caused by the steam. Check out this brilliant article by Serious Eats for an in depth investigation.

What is toast in dutch?

Alas we don't have a single word for toast. A slice of bread in Dutch is a 'boterham' and a piece of toast is a 'geroosterde boterham' or toasted slice of bread. Though to be fair we sometimes use toast as well. Just don't use the diminutive 'toastje' because that would get you a cracker, possibly topped with some cheese or other topping. 

How long to boil a dozen eggs for deviled eggs?

You want the yolk to be completely firm for deviled eggs. So put your eggs in a pan with cold water and put on the heat. Once the water is boiling the eggs will need about 9 minutes for deviled egg perfection.

Chocolatey or chocolaty?

See this bothered me as well. Oxford dictionary gives 'chocolatey' but notes 'chocolaty' is also acceptable. Mirriam Webster switches it by preferring 'chocolaty'. I've looked at the word for so long now it stopped making sense. I've heard people say their editors prefer chocolaty so I'll go with that for now. It does look a bit weird.

How do you spell szechuan?


How to test yeast for freshness.

Put your yeast into some warm milk or water with a little bit of sugar. If the yeast is active it will go frothy and bubbly within 15 minutes. 

How to serve poached pears?

If you are serving them as dessert, serve them warm and with their own syrup. Some cream, or even ice cream would be nice with it too. The Dutch poached pears I made can be served this way but if you leave out the extra sugar you can also serve them traditionally as a side dish with a hearty winter stew.

So this concludes my first Search Term Questions feature. Let me know if you like it because there are more questions where that came from.


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  2. Interesting post! One question...where is the article by Serious Eats about no knead bread? I don't see the link.

    1. Thanks for spotting that June! The link is fixed now.

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