Thor And Loki Cocktails

In honour of the recently opened Thor : The Dark World (which I naturally loved), I made two fitting cocktails. The Thor cocktail is unapologetically strong and quite sweet whereas the Loki cocktail is deceptive (hmm nice mild cocktail....and you're seeing green fairies) and a tad bitter.

. Whiskey
. Sparkling Apple Cider
. Honey
. Squeeze of lemon

Mix a spoonful of honey with a large measure of whiskey until it is dissolved. Top of with ice cold sparkling Cider (the alcoholic kind...naturally). Finish with a squeeze of lemon. Make an icy Mjolnir by sticking a coffee stirrer in a yet to be formed ice cube and freeze). 

. Absinth 
. 2 cups of fresh pineapple
. 2 sprigs of mint
. Tonic

Blitz the fresh pineapple and the mint in a blender. Transfer to a cheesecloth lined sieve and let the juices seep out naturally. This will give a relatively clear liquid. Mix this with a good measure of absinth.  Mine is 70 % proof. Add plenty of (Jotunheim) ice and make two horns from lemon peel. The pineapple and mint do a good job of masking the alcohol so be careful. 

Now get ye to the cinema.

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  1. What do you think, can I use 100% pineapple juice instead of the fruit?

  2. Yeah, you can try. You mean for the horns right?