Semi Raisins

They may not be the prettiest but they sure are delicious. Semi raisins exist on a plane between the fresh juicy grape and the sweet chewy raisin. By slowly baking fresh grapes in a warm oven you concentrate the juices to a dark almost sticky juice. Crucially you don't allow all the moisture in the grape to evaporate away, if you did you would have end up with a normal raisin. You can eat them on their own, whole or just sucking out the amazing inside. Serve them with salty cheeses and use them wherever you would plain run of the mill raisins. They won't have the shelve live of raisins but quite frankly, they don't need it. 

  • grapes
You can use any grape of your choosing. Blue grapes will go a bronze tint and white grapes will go golden. For convenience sake get grapes without seeds. Wash and dry the grapes and put them in an oven dish. Oven temperature should be between 70-90 c. My big grapes took 7 hours to shrink and concentrate but smaller grapes will be ready in 5. 

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