Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

So, I read this the other day. Lay's is releasing chocolate covered crinkle chips in the USA. Overwhelmed by a combination of disgust, curiosity and 'really?' I thought it would be best to try and replicate this paragon of munchie food for myself, seeing as I don't see it being released across the pond just yet. I'm not sure why my first reaction was 'Blergh, how American', because salty and sweet are a kick ass combination. I always add a little bit of salt to sweet baking projects, chocolate with salted peanuts are delicious, salted popcorn with caramel, the list goes on. This just might work (just don't go mixing chocolate chips through mashed potatoes.... please).

So those Lay's 'Wavy' chips are made with a big crinkle cut chip but the normal crinkle will have to do.


  • Lay's crinkle cut potato chips
  • a 180 g bar of milk chocolate

Step 1

I'm using the lazy method of tempering chocolate using the microwave. I'm making stoner food so I'm not going to break out the bain marie. Chop up the chocolate and put 3/4's of it in a microwave save cup (I'm going double sided cappuccino mug for extra temperature stability). Now pop into the microwave in 30 second bursts until the chocolate is melted. It took me one and a half minute. If you are bothering with a thermometer the chocolate should be about 40 c. Now add the rest of the chopped chocolate and stir until most of that has melted as well. Chocolate should now be about 31 c and ready to dip.

Step 2

Take your chip and dip. You can let them dry on a rack or some waxed paper. 

Taste Test

The lazy temper actually worked out rather well, the chocolate was quite shiny and has a great snap. But that is not the important bit... so how is it? I still think its slightly weird  but in an amazingly moreish way. Similarly skeptical mum and sister agree. Weird but actually addictively tasty. They are a bit on the heavy side though so I wouldn't bother dipping the whole bag. 


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