Zabaglione With Kiwi Berries

The first time I tasted a kiwi berry was at an autumn farmers market. They are hardly bigger than a grape but inside they are perfect little kiwis. I immediately bought 4 plants to grow some of my own. Unfortunately the plants haven't fruited this year but to my surprise my local supermarket it selling them as fruit of the month. You don't really want to do too much to these  little fruits,they perfect for luchboxes and fruitsalads. But served with an indulgent chilled zabaglione they are quite alright too. This recipe serves 4.


  • 6 egg yolks
  • 125 grams sugar
  • halve a glass of desert wine (I used muscat de beaumes de venise)
  • handfull of kiwi berries (or just your regular kiwi)
  • handfull of white grapes
  • squeeze of lemon juice

Step 1
Put the yolks and sugar in an au bain marie pan. Constantly mix over a low heat. Don't be a hero and use an electric mixer, this can take a while (10 minutes or so).  Once the mixture is becoming pale add the wine. Keep mixing until the mixture thickens (don't forget the edges, nothing worse than bits of omelette in your zabaglione). Take a spoon of the mixture and drop it on a plate, if it holds its shape it is done. 

Step 2
Pour the zabaglione into glasses. You can eat it warm, but I prefer it chilled with the fresh fruit. While the mixture is chilling slice the kiwi and grapes and marinate in lemon juice. Scatter the fruit onto the zabaglione at the last minute because it will slowly sink into it. 


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