Tonkatsu Style Tuna

Nothing like a little bit of deep fried crunch to help break the smugness of having a healthy low fat sushi and edamame dinner. My sister and I can never resist ordering the fried tuna at our favourite little sushi place. The sauce on the side intrigued from the first taste and after eating it a couple of times we asked the owner what sauce it was that she served with the dish. Out came a bottle with a bulldog on it, tonkatsu sauce, traditionally eaten with fried pork (tonkatsu) but it works just as well with tuna. The tuna served at the sushi place is probably left over tuna, not fresh enough anymore to eat raw. So when making this at home, I've found this is the perfect time to use those normally inedible frozen tuna steaks.


  • 2 tuna steaks 
  • 2 eggs
  • handful flour
  • panko breadcrumbs
  • sesame seeds
  • salt and pepper
  • tonkatsu sauce
Step 1

Slice the tuna steaks in halve horizontally so you have 4 thin steaks. Season the flour with a generous amount of salt and pepper and add a good amount of sesame seeds. Now dust the tuna with this mixture. Dip the floured fish in the beaten eggs and then in the panko crumbs so they have a thick crust.

Step 2

Fry the tuna in medium hot oil (180c) until golden brown. Let it drain on some kitchen paper and serve with the tonkatsu sauce. 


  1. Great idea making katsu out of ahi tuna. Never seen that before.

    L & L Hawaiian Barbecue (a.k.a. L & L Drive-In) here in Honolulu recently started selling a "Hawaiian Burger", which is essentially a hamburger (ground beef patty), that 's deep fried in a panko coating. Onolicious!

    Dig the animated gifs you use. Looks like a video!

  2. I just love how crispy panko is, much better than run of the mill breadcrumbs.


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