Flash Infused Goji Berry Vodka

Goji berries are all the rage with their 'superfood' status. You can find the dried version everywhere. But I personally have not seen them fresh for sale anywhere. So I got my own goji berry bush and now in its second year it has started producing fruit. One reason why you might not see them for sale in their fresh form is that they don't really taste like.. well anything really. The berries are not sweet but neither are they sour or aromatic. They remind me a bit of a bland non acidic sea buckthorn berry. They do have a slight bitter note that I thought might be a good match for a quick flash infusion of some vodka.

You can use your nitrous oxide powered whipped cream gun for much more than just whipped cream. In a literal minute you can infuse alcohol with a large variety of flavours. And if you don't have a whipped cream gun you can go the old fashioned route and put the ingredients in a mason jar in a dark cool place for a couple of days (or more).


  • 125 ml vodka 
  • handfull goji berries
  • peel of one lemon
  • teaspoon of chopped red chilli pepper

Step 1

Have the vodka at room temperature. Slice the goji berries in halve. I added lemon and chilli for some extra flavour and heat. Chop the chilli and peel the lemon (you only use the peel). Add them to the whipped cream gun container. 

Step 2

Now pressurize the container. If you have doubled the ingredient use 2. Keep the container pressurized for a minute and swirl the liquid around a little bit. Now release the pressure. Keep the container upright and cover the spout in case some liquid comes out. Swirl again.

Step 3

Now open it up and drain through a fine mesh strainer. It should be a gentle orange and slightly cloudy. Drink straight up or mixed with tonic, soda water or lemonade.

This method works with fruit, herbs, spices, you name it. And because you only use a little bit of vodka at a time you can experiment. Just mix the failed experiment with some pineapple juice and throw back.


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