Deviled Eggs Recipe Test

A dozen eggs, three recipes plucked from the blogosphere and some hungry tasters. Which recipe will come out on top? There is something pleasing nostalgic or actually downright retro about the humble deviled egg. Lot of people have their own secret ingredients to spice up the eggs or other unusual twists. So I looked around on FoodGawker, Tastespotting and Tasteologie and picked three recipes I wanted to try out.

* Just a little note on the spelling, apparently you can use both devilled and deviled. I searched on devilled so my net was cast a little narrower than strictly necessary.

The Recipes

First up is Horseradish Deviled Eggs from theprimalist. Chosen because I love horseradish and I was curious how it would work with the egg. There is a little mayo in there, some butter and interestingly some vinegar (and mustard). Nice little garnish of chives and paprika, all looking good.

Second is a deviled egg with a tuna based filling from Sweet Potato Chronicles. Tuna is lovely and works great with eggs. Only concern is it will be a little bit too much like filling the eggs with tuna salad. This recipe has a lot more mayo than the horseradish one and some extra Greek yogurt to boot. 

Finally the dark horse, Thai Spiced Deviled Eggs by Yinmomyangmom. No mayo here, just coconut milk and lime juice to moisten the yolk. Spiced with Thai red curry and optional hot sauce. Will this work? I don't know but I sure am going to try. 

Get Cooking

Scaling down the recipes to work with 4 eggs each was slightly awkward (1/6 th of a cup, 1/8 th of a teaspoon) but ended up working out fine. Instead of regular peeling, I had my brother using this little internet trick where you make a small hole at the narrow end of the egg, a wide hole at the wide end and blow the egg out of its shell. Works best when the eggs are not extremely fresh.

A little bit of chopping, and a lot of mixing later all three fillings are ready to be piped into the eggs. Because of the sheer amount of mayo and yogurt the tuna filling ends up being much more in volume than the other two so I can fill the eggs very generously. The other two fillings, especially the Thai appear much much dryer and more scarce in contrast. But all of them piped pretty well (though you have no hope of that real 70's star piping with the tuna).


After some finishing touches the deviled eggs were ready to taste. All three were very nice. The horseradish was interesting. It used only a millifraction of the amount of horseradish I like to plonk into my mackerel pate. But the combination of the white wine vinegar and the Dijon mustard amplified the horseradish very effectively. Refreshing is perhaps not a word intricately linked with a deviled egg but this egg would be perfect as a little palette cleanser. 

The tuna egg was a lovely surprise, the egg yolk makes sure the filling is a real deviled egg filling and not just something you spread on your sandwich. The shallots and garlic are subtle but flavour enhancing and the yogurt keeps the whole thing fresh and light. The only downside perhaps is that the grayish tuna colour isn't the most appetizing. 

The Thai egg was the most unusual but actually worked really well. The filling wasn't dry as I feared and the coconut and chilli were not overwhelming. Biggest plus of this egg was the peanut garnish which provided a very welcome and tasty crunch. 

The Winner

The unanimous winner according to everyone who tasted was .....drum-roll..... the tuna based deviled egg from Sweet Potato Chronicles!  Its just a really really tasty, moist, and generously filled egg that will be eaten within a heartbeat when served at a party. 

Shared second are the Thai deviled egg and the horseradish egg. Here the tasters were divided , some preferred the spiciness of the one and some the tangy fresh heat of the other. 

I quite like the idea of testing three related recipes from the blogosphere , weekly or biweekly. So if you don't mind having your recipe tested do connect with me via Facebook, twitter, tumblr, pinterest and the comments to see which recipe I'll be testing next. (I think it might be American pancakes.)


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